Embracing the New Year: A look ahead, from Our Director

February 8, 2024


We are delighted to usher in the dawn of a transformative era for Bakwena in 2024, marked by our unwavering commitment to new beginnings. Our journey takes on a refreshed identity with the unveiling of a modernised logo and an updated website. As we embrace change, we are fuelled by the belief that these enhancements will elevate your experience with us. This message from our Director encapsulates the essence of our dedication—we are giving our all, just for you. We invite you to explore the evolution of Bakwena Spa and join us in this exciting chapter of growth and innovation.


As the New Year unfolds, we at Bakwena Day Spa are excited to share with you the evolution of our wellness offerings. We are refining our experience to align with the serene and holistic trends that define modern well-being.

Our commitment to tranquillity starts with the setting. Chosen for their peaceful surroundings, our spas are havens where nature’s calm meets mindful relaxation. In the serene backdrop of the African bush, our treatments invite you to a world where stillness speaks and hustle of city life is but a distant memory.

High above the plains, our Zevenwacht branch await with majestic views and gentle embrace of sea air. It is more than a spa – it is a sanctuary where every breath and every moment is a step towards total relaxation.

Looking ahead, we are preparing to welcome you to the Coach House Bakwena Spa. Set against the awe-inspiring Wolkberg Mountains, it is a place where beauty and peace converge.

In our quest for pure and natural rejuvenation, we have partnered with Ocean therapy to bring you products that harness the essence of the ocean. These mineral-rich treatments, combined with the healing ambiance of our spaces, promise a revitalizing experience for mind, body and soul.

Our Chakra Walk invites you to a meditative stroll, aligning energy and spirit. Meanwhile the soft luminescence of Himalayan salt lamps throughout our spaces offers a continuous, soothing presence.

We are proud to introduce eco-friendly practices this year, including our ‘tickle tubs’ – an innovative take on contrast therapy. This outdoor experience, surrounded by nature, is a refreshing interlude that awaits you at our venues.

As you plan your wellness journey with us, consider joining our loyalty program to enhance your path to serenity throughout the year. We are here to guide you into a state of pure relaxation, and we cannot wait to welcome you back!


In closing, the advent of 2024 signals an exciting new chapter for Bakwena Day Spa, characterized by transformation and progress. With a revitalized identity, tranquil settings, and innovative offerings, our commitment is unwavering to enhance your experience with us. The evolution of Bakwena Spa beckons you to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, experience rejuvenation through ocean-inspired therapies, and embrace environmentally conscious practices. Join us on this journey towards tranquility as we dedicate ourselves to providing you with moments of pure relaxation and well-being. We eagerly anticipate your return to Bakwena, where each visit is a step towards a refreshed and revitalized you.

Message from our Director,
Dr. Sandra Perkins

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We are embarking on a new chapter for Bakwena Spa. As we bid farewell to our Velmore Branch, effective 25th January, we’re thrilled about the future. This change opens doors to new opportunities and ways to serve you better. While we transition, we’re delighted to remind you that the same serene spa experience awaits you at our Hartbeespoort branch, just down the road. We’re deeply grateful for your support and cannot wait to share the exciting developments ahead of 2024. Stay connected for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our journey!
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