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June 21, 2022

What to Put in Foot Spa Water

So you want to know what to put in your foot spa? Here are some ideas. You can use baking soda, Apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, or coconut milk. You can also use the essential oils in a foot bath, like Lavender. All these will promote the regeneration of new cells. You should leave these on your feet for 20 to 25 minutes. It is best to soak your feet for at least 20 minutes before you use the foot spa.

Epsom salt

The Epsom salt in foot spa water helps to heal skin conditions, including athlete’s foot and ingrown toenails. It also soothes muscles, reduces swelling, and keeps bacteria from infected skin. Despite its beneficial effects, Epsom salts should never be used to treat an open wound. These conditions may lead to more discomfort than you’re willing to deal with. If you’re interested in giving Epsom salt a try, be sure to follow these simple guidelines.

Baking soda

Soaking in foot spa water with baking soda can be beneficial for many reasons. The ingredient can soften calluses and skin. Use two tablespoons per liter of lukewarm water to create a soak for 20 minutes. You can space foot soaks over time to help reduce calluses. It is also an effective way to get rid of odor-causing bacteria. However, be careful not to soak too long or too frequently. Too much soda can cause sensitive or wrinkled feet.

Coconut milk

If you are a foot spa fanatic, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of coconut milk. A foot soak can soften your feet and help improve circulation, as well as reduce the appearance of thick calluses. Coconut milk has many health benefits, from soothing sore muscles to replenishing the elasticity of the skin. Here are a few ways to add coconut milk to your foot soak: Spa’s usually make use of coconut milk for treatments.

Apple cider vinegar

An apple cider vinegar soaks in foot spa water has numerous benefits for your feet. It can be a natural remedy for an athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection of the skin that often begins between the toes. It is often an issue experienced by athletes and people who sweat a lot. It causes dry, irritated skin between the toes and can be extremely itchy. This remedy can help you get rid of the itchy skin and fight the fungus.


If you’re looking for the perfect way to relax your feet, consider adding some herbal ingredients and decoration to your foot spa water. You can boil 16 heaping teaspoons of herbs and allow them to steep for ten to twenty minutes. Then, use a thermometer to check the temperature. If you’d like a more aromatic experience, try adding essential oils to the mixture. You can use any plant that has a strong fragrance, such as lavender or thyme.

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