SA is the second highest country when it comes to stress… Spa therapy no more a Luxury but a Necessity

July 8, 2019

Who would think that South Africa is rated as the second highest country regarding stress, this is according to a Bloomberg Business survey. This was a real eye-opener when we saw the results of the study. Stress has become part of our daily lives and we need to let go of all of the tension in one way or another.

Stress can lead to many physical and mental health issues whereas depression is one of the top affects directly related to stress. Anxiety, poor concentration, impaired memory and anti-social tendencies are also results of prolonged elevation of stress.


Factors that Causes Stress

There are many factors which cause South Africans to have a rise in their stress levels, and they are as follow:
•  One not having control over one’s work environment and life
•  An increased risk of physical and mental health issues due to a lack of support
•  An unbalanced “connection” between effort and reward
•  Inconsistency and unfairness in the work environment were found to cause more stress than high demands in the workplace
•  Technology is speeding things up as we can basically work from anywhere in the world. Social Media has a great impact as it creates a complete disconnect
•  Financial / Political corruption
•  Unemployment and lack of jobs
•  Crime and violence

Now the question on everyone’s minds is how to get rid of stress or at least how to prevent high-stress levels. We’ve got some good news for you, going to the spa can be one of the most affordable ways to help prevent stress-related diseases and illnesses.


Relaxation and Decreasing Your Stress Levels

An interesting fact is that spa treatments may be one of the most effective and relaxing ways to relieve stress. Just think about it, no cell phone disturbances during your treatments as Bakwena Day Spa forces you to not use your cell phone while you relax during your indulging treatment, therefore you are disconnected from all the hustling of our everyday busy lives, and you are in a new world of bliss.

During your relaxing Spa Day, you can revitalise your mind and rejuvenating the soul by letting things go. All massages are designed to remove the tension from your muscles and limbs, and therefore relieving aches and pains that are often held in the physical body as a result of stress. Bakwena Day Spa creates an environment for you that is helpful in decreasing stress levels. A peaceful and serene ambience, the mood created by the lighting, aromas in the air and soothing music for the soul.


Chakra Walk

First, we need to give you more information on what a Chakra Walk is. Our Chakra Walk is a deep grounding and guidance to your system to let go of blocked energies in the chakra system, which will guide our bodies toward deeper alignment and energetic flow.

When your chakras are open you will experience balance, but energy can sometimes become stuck in a specific chakra due to stress from physical or emotional issues, creating a blockage and a closed chakra. A closed chakra can create an imbalance in emotions, mental health, and even physical illness.

We can find 7 chakras in our subtle body (or spiritual body), and these are sources in which energy flows through and are located along the spine.


The 7 Chakras

  1. Root chakra (first)
    Located at the base of your spine, this chakra relates to security and stability within ourselves
  2. Sacral chakra (second)
    Located between the root chakra and your belly button, this chakra represents feelings, emotions, and passion
  3. Solar plexus or naval chakra (third)
    Located just above your belly button, this chakra expresses your willpower and determination
  4. Heart chakra (fourth)
    Located at the centre of your breastbone, this chakra symbolizes love, connection, and courage. It serves as a link between your mind, body, emotions, and soul
  5. Throat chakra (fifth)
    Located in the front at the base of the neck, this chakra reflects expression
  6. Third eye chakra (sixth)
    Located in between your eyebrows
  7. Crown chakra (seventh)
    Located at the top of your head and slightly back, this chakra represents enlightenment and spiritual connection to your higher self, others, and the divine


View the videos below to see our Chakra Walk at Bakwena Spa Exclusiv, located at The Venue Country Hotel & Spa
•  A quick overview of the Chakra Walk
•  Guests experiencing the Chakra Walk


A day at the spa is the perfect opportunity to spend the day with the girls or having a romantic date with your better half. Like anything in life, it doesn’t help you go to a spa once in a blue moon, you need to make it a lifestyle choice and release your stress by going to a spa on a regular basis and to keep your stress on a healthy level.

Bakwena Day Spa offers Half Day AM, Half Day PM, Full Day, Night Spa and overnight packages. Our packages include:

•  Welcome drink on arrival at Bakwena Day Spa
•  Light breakfast
•  Full Body Massage with or without Hot Stones
•  Invigorating Spa Body Scrub with Apricot fragrance (Zevenwacht Wine Estate and Velmoré Hotel & Spa only)
•  Relaxing Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
•  Light lunch and snack platter
•  Complimentary limited drinks
•  Moisturizing Facial Massage with our own Pure Joy Products
•  Foot, Ankle and Calf Massage for ultimate relaxation (Enjoy the Chakra Walk at selected branches)
•  Hand and Lower Arm Massage
•  Departure drink and treat
•  Light dinner
•  One night’s accommodation
•  Predator Tour at Lion and Safari Park (The Venue Country Hotel & Spa only)
•  3-Hour Guided Safari Tour at Lion and Safari Park (The Venue Country Hotel & Spa only)
The list above is dependent on the selected package. This is a list of what we offer in our various packages combined


Start your stress-reducing journey with us and let us help you experience pure indulgence at Bakwena Day Spa.



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