Selenium Benefits for the Skin

May 1, 2023

Selenium is an essential mineral for optimal skin health, as recent research has found that it is best absorbed through the skin. Dr. Kedar Prasad, Ph.D., a renowned and preeminent expert on micronutrients who authored Micronutrients in Health and Disease, and Nobel Prize Council scientific physician, states that selenium increases the levels of glutathione peroxidase—an antioxidant—in your skin cells. Here is a list of the rich benefits of selenium for the skin: 

Selenium Benefits

  1. Selenium Prevents Signs of Aging: It fights free radicals, minimizes skin damage and inflammation, and may even prevent skin cancer.
  2. Selenium Reduces Inflammation: It fights inflammatory cytokines that can cause skin damage due to ultraviolet rays, stress, poor diet, and lack of minerals.
  3. Selenium Benefits the Immune System: It boosts white blood cell function to protect against bacterial skin infections and viruses.
  4. Selenium Promotes Skin Healing and Reduces Acne: When paired with Vitamin E it increases glutathione which helps heal skin while also decreasing acne incidence rate.
  5. Low Doses of Selenium Prevent Heart Disease: Fat stores in the body can lead to heart disease over time but selenium reduces blood clots, cholesterol oxidation thus reducing the risk of heart disease occurrence as well as severity when present .
  6. Increase Fertility with Selenium Antioxidants : They aid in male fertility especially sperm development , improved sperm mobility, fertilization of eggs . In women it reduces the chances birth defects occurence.
  7. Regulate Metabolism by Takingselenium : It regulates metabolic processes boosting glucose levels for better energy production.
  8. Regulate Thyroid Functioning with Selenium : Healthy thyroid functioning is essential for hormone regulation including conversion from T3 to T4 hormones assisted by selenium intake 

How to Increase Your Selenium Intake

Boost your selenium intake with a variety of nutrient-rich foods! Organ meats such as liver, kidney, brain, heart and tongue contain high amounts of selenium. Alternatively, grass-fed beef and lamb also provide ample amounts of this essential mineral. Poultry such as turkey and salmon are excellent sources of selenium too—as well as sardines and Brazil nuts.

However, the process of digestion can reduce how much selenium is absorbed by the body. To maximize your benefits from this micronutrient try Nutrient Body Sculpt – the only sculpting product that contains micronutrients and minerals specifically formulated for skin health. Not only will it help to tighten your skin but it will also hydrate and refresh it too!

Have you experienced any positive results after using Nutrient Body Sculpt or consuming food items rich in selenium? Share your experiences with us today! 

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