Strategies to Silent the Worrying Mind

April 14, 2020

COVID-19, or more known as Coronavirus, has brought fear, dread and uncertainty in everyone’s lives. Many of us are feeling afraid and uncertain. Overall, it is proposed that we go within and silence our minds.

What does this silent mind entail?
Silent mind is not about building castles in the sky or retreat into yourself. A silent mind is reconnecting to your source – we all rely on the top layer of the mind which is constantly thinking, feeling etc. We find ourselves that these feeling get fixated on anxiety, alarm, dread and uncertainty. The active mind finds it difficult to pull itself out of its own spiral creating your own feedback loop from hell.

What is needed is then to connect to source and reset?
This reset is not just mental – your thoughts are received by every cell in your body and then, in turn, all body processes are affected by sleep, body/mind balance and our immune response system amongst others.

When your active mind becomes confused and chaotic, balance is disrupted.

Now what?

How do I connect to the source and silent the mind?
One strategy is meditation, many people find this difficult and do not achieve the kind of reset that is needed in a crisis or pandemic.

Silence is everywhere – even in the midst of all the noise that surrounds us. Healing consisting of allowing the silence to go into the right partnership and let pure consciousness unfold – flowing in the direction of love, creativity, renewal and evolution.

It is here, now in the present. So it’s about paying attention to what is already here. During meditation, you move into your silent core, despite this, you can also slip into this without meditation.

It’s about your intent and what you are paying attention to. From out there to right here, right now.

It’s about taking time, to stop and to listen.

Another strategy is to flip the worry switch to “off”

Live in the now – appreciate and have gratitude for what you have, develop a gratitude practise on a daily basis. After every day, reflect on what you are grateful for and make a list (whatever might have happened during the day, your kids, your husband, your parents, having a roof over your head, that you have a bed to sleep in – this can be an endless list of things that you are grateful for).

Don’t brace yourself for the bad stuff – bad things/problems happen to all of us. The whole world is in the same pandemic. Instead of worrying about it find a way to deal with it

Give permission to yourself not to worry – if you cannot shake your worry, give yourself permission not to fight it. Instead, set aside a few minutes to worry about the issue each day. This might minimise the impact on your life

Worry can feel like a responsibility – it can almost seem like a sign of a compassionate person. After all, good parents worry about their kids, hard workers worry about their jobs and so on. They may well do so, but it does not do much good. Caring, however, along with positive action does.

Think positive – instead of thinking about how difficult the situation is, ask yourself what are you learning from this and how the situation is serving you? Also surround yourself with positive people that can build your morale.

Let go of control – simply take control of what you are able to control. It doesn’t help to stress about situations that you have no control over. Rather think about situations in your life that is within your control, and take actions to change those situations.

Let it out! – share you worries and talk to a trusted friend or relative. It’s not good at all to keep all your worries for yourself. It’s good to talk, get it out, and express your feelings.

Align your 7 Chakras – When your chakras are open you will experience balance, but energy can sometimes become stuck in a specific chakra due to stress from physical or emotional issues, creating a blockage and a closed chakra. A closed chakra can create an imbalance in emotions, mental health, and even physical illness.

Reduce your stress levels through relaxation – An interesting fact is that spa treatments may be one of the most effective and relaxing ways to relieve stress.


Dream of your future and start planning your road to a stress-free spa day today.



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