The Benefits of a Spa Day for Couples

December 4, 2023

Romantic Spa Day for Couples

Whether you’re planning a weekend away with your partner or just a day of pampering for two, a romantic spa day for couples will leave you with the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than a day at Bakwena Spa with your loved one.

If you are have not tried couples massages yet, you might constantly think about what happens when you get to the spa or how everything works. A couples massage is when you and your spouse enjoy massages in a single room, next to one another, but on individual massage beds and each with a professional massage therapist.

A couples massage normally includes calming music, dim lighting, and lovely aromatherapy. Some spas will do candlelight and rose pebbles to make the atmosphere more romantic. The spa session will help the couple to feel relaxed and it helps to reconnect with your partner. Spa sessions are good for the soul and help boost love. And that is what Bakwena Spa is all about – relaxing, refreshing and reconnecting with our mind, bodies and soul.

To assist with the feeling of relaxation during couples massages, aromatherapy plays a big role. Bakwena Spa makes use of various aromatic oils with massages. A good smell stimulates the olfactory senses that send a message to a person’s brain to relax. Smell is one of the senses that can help to boost your other senses, it calms the nerves and put a person in a state of relaxation. We make sure that the massage room always smells nice for our couples to enjoy.

The daily tension of all the demands we experience can put a strain on various aspects of our lives. Spending quality time together is essential for a healthy relationship, it allows couples to talk and connect. Whether they go for lunch or a spa day, the time spent together will help to bond. Spas are created to forget about our daily life for a while. It creates a place of peace and will help couples connect.

Bakwena Spa has three branches namely Velmore Hotel & Spa, The Venue Country Hotel & Spa and Zevenwacht Wine Estate. Each consist of natural beauty that will bring a calmness to you. Once you have stepped foot on any of the Bakwena Spas you will start to feel relaxed. You will be greeted by friendly massage therapists that will show you around. Bakwena Spa is all about your wellness – mind and body. When the mind and the body are calm and refreshed, better connections and communication follows. Visit our home page and our specials here.

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