Our feet, ankles and calves help us run, walk and jump. They work hard for our bodies and need tender loving care. To have a foot massage on sore feet can feel like heaven, let alone the wonderful relief one gets from a massage on your ankles and calves! Our massage helps heal and care for you by improving your circulation and blood flow and through it delivering nutrients to these parts of your body as well as lowering blood pressure. So whether you have just run a marathon, or about to, or even if you are not a sportsperson, this massage will help relieve and restore your lower legs, feet ankles and joints so you will want to jump for joy!

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We are embarking on a new chapter for Bakwena Spa. As we bid farewell to our Velmore Branch, effective 25th January, we’re thrilled about the future. This change opens doors to new opportunities and ways to serve you better. While we transition, we’re delighted to remind you that the same serene spa experience awaits you at our Hartbeespoort branch, just down the road. We’re deeply grateful for your support and cannot wait to share the exciting developments ahead of 2024. Stay connected for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our journey!
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